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How vision works

The best way to understand function of the eye is to compare it to a camera. A camera creates images by focusing on an object and allowing specific amounts of light to pass through a hole to create a visual impression on film. The eye functions in much the same way.

When light enters the eye, it passes through the cornea (camera lens) where 2/3 of focus is achieved. The light then passes through the pupil where the iris (aperture) adjusts the amount of light that is allowed to enter. The remaining 1/3 of focus is then achieved when the light passes through the lens (camera lens).

The shape of the lens can adjust (either thinner or thicker) by tensing or relaxing the muscles of the eye. The focused light finally reaches the retina (film) where it is converted by the rods and cones into a signal that can travel to the brain (film development). Once the image reaches the brain, you have sight.

What causes vision problems?

Changes in the shape and size of your eyes can c... Read More

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Astigmatism   Farsightedness   How Vision Works   Nearsightedness   Presbyopia   
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